Netmojo Systems

Hi! I just returned from RailsConf, and I'm excited to continue digging deeper into the Ruby on Rails platform. My name is Brent Kearney. I have 15 years of professional web development experience with PHP and MySQL, and as a System Administrator for *nix platforms (Solaris, BSD, Linux, OS X). I've been programming with Rails for a little over a year, writing internal apps for the Banff International Research Station. I'm currently in the process of deploying apps running on Rails/Postgresql/Passenger, using Capistrano, Chef, and Docker. I would love to work on a Rails project with an established development team. If you're interested in working together, please hit me up! :)


PGP: 13AC BE3E 5A6E 27FC BC7A CECA 9456 768E 2A47 50D2